With love

Comme des princes et une princesse:)

Pour vous Ilya Alexis et Sofia...et parents:)



Ilya Alexis and Sofia have arrived back "home" safely.......

Let me tell you a secret:

no coming , no going, no after, no before, I hold you close to me and release you to be so free...because I am in you and you are in me...because I am in you and you are in me

Once upon a time there were 3 little children: two brothers and a little sister,

They decided to go and see their grandpa and their grandma who lived...over seven mountains, seven valleys, seven oceans, and again and again seven mountains and seven valleys....so far...and yet so near...

Big brother infront opening the way, second brother second....and at last little sister,...of course papa and maman also came along, hugging them and protecting them on this adventurous journey...

First they flew in the air....crossed rivers, mountains, walked, walked, rode on horseback...all this to go and visit grandpa and grandma....and to come to a mysterious kingdom where many treasures are kept...treasures they were out to find...

On their way they met many new friends...a monkey who jumped from tree to tree...a white horse wise and patient, a sweet little mountain goat...all told them that they were on the right way...

They met wise monks who blessed each of their steps...and many many smiling pilgrims, just like them, who accompanied them on their way,

As grandpa and grandma lived in a kingdom, they had to dress really nicely in clothes made of shining gold and colours of the rainbow...in their new shining armors they really looked like little princes and princesses themselves!

They climed to monasteries high up on mountain tops, they walked each step with joy and courage...and they truly found many many treasures

Do you want to know which ones?....well ask them! or come and see Patho...and grandmaman Omi:)


Hello dear adventurers!!!
So good to be together!


14.04 | 09:07

Je progresse un peu en anglais et j'ai presque tout compris. Merci Lisy pour ton magnifique engagement dans cette belle réalisation qu'est TTG.

11.04 | 01:36

Looking forward to your next article beeing amongs the friends and development of TTG.THANK YOU And all the best.

08.04 | 08:20

Beautiful Lisa,- yes for sure being among the clouds gives a whole wonderful other dimension, - if we listen into it, as you did. Thank you

08.04 | 07:44

Wonderful blog entry, than k you Lisi